Infrastucture: Making Websites that Work!

Websites that work convert visitors into customers!

Every web presence has different objectives. Our role is to find the right tools for your job.


Your website must perform! More negative internet experiences are caused by poor performance than anything else! If your website is sluggish or unintuitive, visitors will be lost. The competition for those visitors is fierce. If they cannot find what they want quickly and effortlessly, they will be gone. We choose the correct technologies to achieve each objective. Modern websites need to be quick, responsive and intuitive.

The Technologies

Don't reinvent the wheel! There are many web services, software and programs available today. Many of them are well suited to the needs of our clients. We always look first for existing solutions that will achieve the site objectives. If none are available we create custom solutions that deliver the promise of efficiency and performance. Through the use of HTML coding, CSS, javascript, .NET and php, we can create any solution to any problem. We can integrate MSSQL and mySQL for data intensive needs. We make use of a large libray of php and .NET programs which can be customized to solve individual problems.

Web Hosting

We provide Website Hosting through out sister site Because we are A1-Hosting, we can tailor our hosting packages to suit your needs. From basic shared hosting to multiple dedicated servers, we will find the right solution for your business at the right cost. Whatever package you purchase, you can rely on fast servers and responsive support.


Web pages are parsed by the web browser from the HTML and CSS code.This is code that is written by a programmer or generated by a web design program. We are fluent in HTML and CSS, and strive to create well formed standard complient web pages. The importance of standards in the future of web development cannot be overlooked. As the internet continues to evolve, as webites are displayed on new and different devices, standards compliance will be the difference between sites that render correctly and those that do not. We are experts in these technologies and do not rely on web page editors. We are often called upon to fix pages that are poorly coded and fail to render correctly.


We are experts in C# and Javascript programming! These are out first choices when custom programming is requirred. Both are well suited to the internet. C# is used in conjunction with .NET to create interactive websites that respond to user input, integrate with data and perform a variety of other tasks. .Net is a server side technology that works behind the scenes to render a web page after performing tasks like processing information submitted from a form, or pulling info from a database. Javascript is a client side programming language that is used more to interact with the user. It creates moving part on a page, or validates form input without an extra trip to the server. Javascript is one of the most useful tools available to make a website experience intuitive and pleasant. It can also be overused. We use it to create a new level of customer interaction that streamlines the browsing experience and ultimately helps to achieve the website goal.

Secondary Programming

Php, Perl and other programming languages are prevelant on today's web. Although we rarely use these languages when we code from scratch, we often adapt and customize programs, or websites that are written in them. Programming is a thought process and all programming languages are written to accomplish essentially the same set of objectives. The main difference is the syntax, which is often similiar. It is releatively simple for a good programmer to understand a language that is diffrent from his preffered choice. There is a huge archive of free and open source programs available for use on the web, that are written in these languages (mostly php). Because they are open source, it is often a good solution to alter these programs to suit a clients needs. There are a number of programs that we routinely edit to this end, despite the fact that the programming language is not our first language of choice.

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