A Few of Our Works ... each one with a story!

We strive to serve the needs of our customers! Here are some of the sites we have created and modified over the years. There is a short explanation of the technologies that were used and a brief history of each relationship.

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  • Emotional Freedom techniques

    "Designs Are Us has been there through countless revisions and experiments that have supported an impressive expansion of my business."-Gary Craig, EFT Founder-

  • Window Quilt Insulated Shades

    Web Hosting. Php Store Integration and Customization. Design & Marketing. Javascript Programming.

  • Woodman Athletics

    Web Hosting. ASP.NET with MSSQL Database Integration. CSS Design. Logo Design.

  • Brattleboro Mallers Basketball

    Web Hosting. ASP.NET with MSSQL Database Integration. CSS Design.

  • Deidre Scherer

    Web Hosting. Classic ASP with Access Database Integration. Design.

  • Madden Books

    Web Hosting. Classic ASP with MS SQL Database Integration. Design.

  • Dan Ladd Extreme Nature

    Web Hosting. Blog and Redesign in Progress.

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Go to EFT Tutorial at GaryThink.com

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