Internet Marketing: This Ain't Your Mother's Advertising!

The Internet changes almost daily. What was new and innovative yesterday is obsolete today. We work hard to stay abreast of the changing landscape: anticipating, not reacting.


There are allot of components to marketing on the internet. Search engine ranking and direct advertising are the most obvious. Email campaigns, and site optimization are not as prevelant, but can be equally important and effective. Every business is unique. Marketing strategies that work for one, may be completely useless for another. These strategies need to be reliably tested for proper understanding of their effect. Employing marketing techniques based on speculation, intuition and probability can result in a diminshed return on investment.

Search Engines

Nothing changes faster than the algorythms used by the major search engines. Trying to track and respond to the latest permeations is best left to the experts. We have partners who deal entirely with search engine rankings. We are happy to offer advice and pass clients who need profesional search engine marketing to them. We do provide basic search engine optimization. What we really do is build clean unobtrusive sites that are easy for the search engines to index. We put the content in the right part of the page and keep the code clean. We find the keywords that makes sense and insure that their density on the page is proportionally correct. We use CSS to ensure that menus and other non-content doesn't push important content down the page. In fact, seach engine experts often employ us to code their pages. If you don't have thousands of dollars to spend on Search Engine Optimization, we are the next best thing.

Site Optimization

Once visitors are finding your site, how you deal with them greatly affects your online success. Site optimization creates easy to use paths for visitors to follow. From introduction to conversion, your site needs to direct users in a way that is intuitive, simple and turns visitors into customers. There are four main personalities that visitors possess. Optimizing your pages for all four is important and effective. If you inadvertantly appeal to two personality types, you stand to lose the other two. Every change with regard to site flow and personality appeal can be tested for improvement. Ideas that makes sense on paper don't always translate into higher conversions. Every marketing change should be tested!

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